Arp 46

  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 30 minutes

  Arp 46 is another of the Spirals with LSB Companions on Arms.  It is the galaxy almost exactly in the center of the field.  The other moderately large galaxy northeast of Arp 46 is UGC 12667.  To me, it is also somewhat unusual and could have been included in the Atlas.  I'm sure that the companion on which Dr. Arp based the classification was the bright compact galaxy at the northeast end of the primary, just south of the very nearby star.  The Atlas note says "companion connected to main spiral".  But the most interesting aspect of this Arp is the large faint band of material running parallel to the axis of the primary along the southeast edge.  It is just detectable in the positive and negative images but is most easily seen in the false color detail below.  It can be seen in the Atlas image as well but I would never have noticed it there unless I had spotted it first in my image.

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