Arp 47

  Arp 47 is the galaxy quartet just about a minute south of the brightest star at the top of the field.  The field was centered on Mitchell Anonymous 1447+1849, (actually just above the center) because the version of Megastar that I was using at the time incorrectly identified it as the Arp.  The current version of Megastar has corrected this.  I was lucky that the Arp did fall within my field.

This Arp is class Spirals with LSB Companions on Arms.  Three of the companions are easily visible in my image and, if you use the Atlas image to see where to look, a fourth is just detectable above the noise level in the detail image.  The primary and three of the companions are in an almost perfect east-west line; only the faint one at the west end is offset slightly to the north.  This was probably the best image I had ever taken when it was acquired in July of 2004.

Atlas Image 


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 24 minutes
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