arp 45

  arp 45 is a member of dr. arp's class spirals with lsb companions on arms.  it is a tiny but very complex group.  i'm not sure which of the numerous companions established his classification.  the atlas note helps some, indicating "one arm leads toward large comp., other toward small companion".  there are what appear to be two on the most obvious arm curving off to the west.  but there is another extended object perpendicular to the axis of the galaxy at the north end and there is a fairly good sized galaxy southeast of the primary, just ene of the bright star.  although very faint, there is a hint of an arm or extension connecting the east side of the primary to the larger companion.  i think this is the "large comp." in the atlas note.  this feature can just be detected on my image and the atlas image.  my image was only 12 minutes so some additional time should bring it out more clearly.

this image was taken at the texas star party in 2004. it was so dewy that i could not keep my normal log because the paper got soaked within minutes. the dew also brought the imaging session to a close very quickly. it was not much of a loss, because my guiding was also acting weird.

atlas image


  celestron cg9 1/4, starlightxpress mx716, 12 minutes
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