arp 44 (ic 609)

  this is in the class spirals with lsb companions on arms.  there are this is in the class spirals with lsb companions on arms.  there are actually three companions that i can see, the largest and brightest about 1.7' south of the core.  if you look closely, you can see another possible companion just wsw of the largest one and still another about twice as far away to the southeast.  the first and last show up better in the atlas image but the one to the wsw is more obvious in my image.  this is probably due to the difference in color response between my ccd chip and the plates used at palomar.

this is only an 18 minute exposure and i expect a lot more can be seen if i go back and add some additional time.  note the meteor or satellite track along the east side.

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atlas image

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  10-inch newtonian, starlightxpress mx716,   10-inch newtonian, starlightxpress mx716, 18 minutes
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