Arp 295

10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 104 minutes

  Arp 295 is in the Double Galaxies with Long Filaments class.  The Atlas note is "SW gal. is IC 1505.  Polarized bridge".  The note about IC 1505 is probably an indication of a naming issue, and the current interpretation is that MCG-1-60-21 is the member to the SW and MCG-1-60-22 to the NE.  The elliptical in the NW corner is now identified as IC 1505.  The filaments are very faint but can be traced to their full extent in the negative image.  Notice that the SW filament has a granular appearance while the connecting filament is smooth.  That appearance is also seen in the Atlas image. 

The primary, MCG-1-60-21, has large "lumps" at the ends and an absorption band can just be detected NW of the body in the positive image.  The secondary, MCG-1-60-22, is classified as Sb pec but in my image appears to be a ring galaxy when viewed at a large scale.  There are a host of faint background galaxies in the image, a few in the APMUKS(BJ) or LEDA catalogs but most anonymous.  The object about 1' NW of the primary is Markarian 933.  It is left of center in the 2x detail image, where the soft edges are obvious in comparison to the stars.  It is a ring galaxy but that can't be seen in my image.  For an image that does show this, see Kanipe and Webb, page 175, for a 13 hour exposure with a 1-meter telescope. 

This is currently the longest exposure on the site.

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