Arp 296

  Arp 296 is in the class Double Galaxies with Long Filaments.  The Atlas note is "long st. filament almost to attachment with arm of spiral".  This is a two-Arp field.  Arp 296 consists of the small barred spiral just above center (PGC 35345), the tiny galaxy slightly over 2' SSE, and the extremely faint filament connecting them.  The filament also curves off to the SE on the opposite side.  This can be seen much better in the negative image.  Note the galaxy cluster occupying the NW quarter of the field.  There are no more than four stars in the quadrant; everything else is a galaxy.  A 2x detail of the barred spiral is also shown.  The large, bright interacting group SW of Arp 296 is Arp 299. 

This image was taken at the Texas Star Party in 2007, replacing a very poor one taken at the 2004 TSP.  The negative image was processed to higher contrast than normal, to better show the faint filament.  For a "prettier" version, see the Arp 299 negative image.

Atlas Image


  Celestron CG9 1/4, StarlightXpress MX716, 30 minutes
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