Arp 272 (NGC 6050 & IC 1179)

  Arp 272 is in the class Double Galaxies with Connected Arms.  The Atlas note says "arms join in dense knot or nucleus.  Herc. cluster".  Arp 272 is marked with the two dashes.  There are three other Arps in the field -- 71, 122, and 172 -- and a host of other galaxies.  The Hercules galaxy cluster, Abell 2151, includes the entire field and is perhaps the densest cluster of easily visible galaxies in the sky.

The northeastern galaxy is NGC 6050 while IC 1179 is on the SW side.  To me, it looks like a group of three rather than two but the "third component" on the north edge is not named.  The small galaxy just south of the pair has a number within the Abell cluster, a 2MASX designation, and is Mitchell Anonymous 1605+1744B.  It is just inside of the Atlas field but there is no indication Dr. Arp considered it to be involved.  All of this can be seen best in the 2x detail image.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, ST2000XM, 52 minutes
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