Arp 326

  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 61 minutes, 11.5' x 11'

  Arp 326 is in the Galaxy Chains class.  The Atlas note is "five spirals in approximate chain".  The two galaxies in the SE corner of the field are Arp 33 and are part of Arp 326 along with the other galaxies.   All of this field except the very edges are included in the Arp field.  The larger galaxy close to the center of the field is UGC 8610 while the N member of Arp 33 is UGC 8613.  The ring spiral 2' NE of UGC 8610 is MCG+1-35-19 or, alternatively, CGCG 45-52.

For additional data and discussion, see Arp 33.

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