Arp 327 (NGC 1875 Chain)

  Arp 327 is a member of the Galaxy Chains class.  The Atlas note says "three distorted galaxies in general line toward E".  Arp 327 is the four galaxy chain several minutes SSE of center.  The E galaxy on the NW end is NGC 1875.  The entire chain is Hickson Compact Group 34.  NGC 1875 is HCG 34A and the others are HCG 34D, 34C, and 34B in order moving away from 34A.

My image scale and resolution are insufficient to show the structure of 34B and 34C, which can be seen in the Atlas photo.  On the other hand, this image shows a short tuft and loop on the E and N sides of NGC 1875 which are not visible in the Atlas.  The detail image is 2x.

Atlas Image



  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 48.5 minutes
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