arp 286 (ngc 5566 group)

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  arp 286 is the last member of the class double galaxies with infall and attraction.  the atlas note is "connection not visible".  this grouping shows an amazing spectrum of galaxy colors.   the large primary, ngc 5566, is almost pure yellow, the close companion just off the northern tip, ngc 5569, is an equally pure blue, and the distorted galaxy to the northwest, ngc 5560, shows a rainbow of colors.  and, to complete the range, the tiny galaxy about halfway to the southeast corner, cgcg 47-19, appears completely white.  you'll probably need to look at one of the full size images to be sure this one is not a star.

i'm fairly sure that ngc 5569 (the blue one) is not involved in the interaction.  compared to the other two, it just does not appear sufficiently distorted.  and, contrary to dr. arp's note above, i can detect an extremely faint connection from the tip of ngc 5560 to the core of the primary, ngc 5566.

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click on the color or negative images to see full size versions.

atlas image


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