Arp 283 (NGC 2798 & 99)

  Arp 283 is in the class Double Galaxies with Infall and Attraction.  The Atlas note says "arc of barely resolved knots curves into nucleus of larger galaxy".  The larger western galaxy is NGC 2798 while the companion is NGC 2799.  The spiral near the bottom of the field is UGC 4904.  There a quite a few small galaxies in the field, and what looks to me like a sparse galaxy cluster centered about 4' SW of the Arp.  NED does not report any objects whatever in this region but there are at least eight obvious galaxies and another ten or so that are very likely galaxies.

The distortion of this pair is visually striking.  The twisting of NGC 2798 looks three-dimensional even in this 2-D image and NGC 2799 has a curve as obvious as any I've seen.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 48 minutes
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