Arp 282 (NGC 169 & IC 1559)

  Arp 282 is in the class Double Galaxies with Infall and Attraction.  Arp's Atlas note is "companion appears to rain into nucleus of spiral".  Arp 282 is the pair near the middle of the E edge.  The primary is NGC 169 and the companion IC 1559.  The bright star (magnitude 6.2) just outside the field makes it an imaging challenge.

The large galaxy WSW of the center of the field, near the edge, is NGC 160, the small galaxy a couple of minutes back to the E is listed in the 2MASX and Mitchell catalogs, and the edge-on W and a little N of the bright star is UGC 354.  Missing NGC object NGC 162 is listed close to where the small galaxy is found -- it was probably a erroneous position for NGC 160.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 34 minutes
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