Arp 227 (NGC 474 & 470)

  Arp 227 is the first member of the class Concentric Rings.  The Atlas note says "position of spiral SO is E and a little N.  Very faint rings extend to a diameter of 7'."  NGC 470 is the smaller spiral in the center and NGC 474 is the large peculiar spiral to the left.  Together they make up Arp 227.  What appear to be two tiny stars on the lower edge of NGC 470 are instead quasars.  There is also a quasar right by the core but I have not been able to make it visible in the glare.

The larger spiral to the right of the bright star, in the lower-right corner, is NGC 467. There is an obvious edge-on galaxy between 467 and the bright star, but I am unable to locate it in any catalogs I've searched except for the Mitchell Anonymous Catalog. It shows in images of the area but not in any other listings. Further left, just below the second star, is MCG +0-4-83, another edge-on spiral.

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Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, SBIG ST2000XM, 72:24:24:24 minutes
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