Arp 153 (NGC 5128; Centaurus A)

   Arp 153 is the first of the class Disturbed with Interior Absorption.  The Atlas note says "Centaurus A radio source."  This is a big, beautiful object, even seen visually in a small telescope.  It is, however, the southernmost of the Arp Peculiar Galaxies, making it a difficult object for northern observers.  This image was taken at the 2009 Texas Star Party.

Most images and photographs show the central region, a ball of light bisected by spectacular dark lanes, and many observers have no idea how extended this object is.  These images hint at the extended halo in the NE-SW direction, but for a much deeper image, go to David Malin's Deep Galaxies Images List on the Links page.

For a full size view, click the color image to the left.

 Atlas Image


  Meade 2045D, ST2000XM, 40:32:24:24 minutes, 45' x 61'  
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