Arp 152 (Jet in M87)

  10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245, 22 seconds, 6.2' x 6.5'

  Arp 152 is the famous jet in M87.  It is, not surprisingly, in the class Galaxies with Jets.  This version is both the oldest and shortest image on the site.  It was acquired on June 23, 2000, and consists of 11 stacked 2-second images.  Arp's Atlas note says "short exposure to show jet.  Virgo A radio source."  Imaging the jet is like imaging M42.  The primary object is so bright that an exposure longer than a few seconds reaches saturation in the brightest areas, and no amount of image processing can bring out what is buried underneath.  I expect to be replacing this image with a better one soon but I'll miss it.  I can still remember the thrill of discovering I could actually see the jet on my image.  I never imagined that was possible with my modest equipment.  The image is cropped smaller than normal just to make the processing easier, and the rest of it would be essentially blank anyway.

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