Arp 103

  Arp 103 is also known as Zwicky's Triplet.  It is class E and E-like Galaxies Connected to Spirals.  The triplet consists of the two larger, connected galaxies in the northwest quadrant, plus the very compact elliptical slightly southwest of the brighter galaxy.  The Atlas note says "incomplete connection, blue knots in southern member", but the connection looks complete to me in my images.

The bright spiral ESE of the center of the field is NGC 6241, and is not a part of the Arp.  The image is a combination of a 40 minute exposure with an MX916 camera in 2005 and a 25 minute exposure with an MX716 in 2006.  The field size is the normal 11' x 15' for the MX716. 

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716 and MX916, 65 minutes
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