Arp 102

  10-inch Newtonian, SX MX716 and SBIG ST2000XM, 102 minutes

  Arp 102 is the first of the class E and E-like Galaxies Connected to Spirals.  The Atlas note contains a comment about a VV catalog error, but the significant part says "note loop E side of spiral; diffuse, very faint connection to E galaxy".  This bridge did not show in my previous 40 minute image but can be seen in this longer one.  It does only show easily in the heavily processed negative image.

Megastar shows a 14.9 magnitude MCG galaxy south of the spiral (UGC 10814) and northeast of the elliptical, but I can't find a trace of it in my image, or in the Atlas image.  Since the elliptical is fainter than this, it must be an MCG catalog error.

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