I have no overall plan for this page.  It will have sections for some of the replaced images (mostly early Cookbook images), some images of objects having catalog errors, some Arp-like galaxies, and some discussion of subjects which are related but don't easily fit anywhere else.  Other topics may be added from time to time.

Replaced Images


Arp 6

10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245, 48 minutes


Arp 14

10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245, 52 minutes


Arp 29

10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX916, 42 minutes

Arp 51

 StarlightXpress MX716, 2x detail image, 25 minutes

Arp 65

10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245, 48 minutes


Arp 81

10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245, 48 minutes


Arp 120

10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 26 minutes

Arp 140

10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245, 56 minutes


Arp 185

10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245, 56 minutes


Arp 210

10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245, 52 minutes


Arp 244

Detail of core,
Celestron CG 9 1/4, Cookbook 245, 58 minutes


Arp 297

10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX916, 40 minutes


Catalog Errors



NGC 599

For many years, the professional catalogs had this galaxy incorrectly identified as Arp 4, and this error carried through to a number of the planetarium and chart generating programs.  While it is a somewhat unusual galaxy, it is not Arp 4.


Arp-like Galaxies


MCG-6-2-22A, The Cartwheel

10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 46 minutes.  One or both of the companions northeast of the primary apparently passed through it, clearing out much of the interior and initiating the ring of star-forming regions.



  2x detail



This galaxy is in the field with Arp 253.  The image is a 2x detail.  There are hints of a merger of several objects but it is pretty hard to classify.


NGC 2724

NGC 2724 is in the field with Arp 202.  This is a 1.5x detail.  It certainly could have been an Arp, with the twisting and forking of the arms in the interior and the extremely long faint extensions of the arms reaching the N and S edges of this field.


NGC 6962 Group

The large low-surface-brightness spiral is NGC 6962.  Very similar to Arp 1, it could easily fit into Dr. Arp's LSB Spirals class.  The group could also be placed in Galaxy Groups. The companion to the SE is NGC 6964. Somewhat farther away to the NW is NGC6961.  The triangle of galaxies N of 6962 consists of NGC 6967 (the largest of the three), NGC 6965, and NGC 6959.  I'm not sure which of these, or of the other galaxies in the field, are considered part of the group.

This image was made with the 10-inch Newtonian and ST2000XM, and is a 60 minute exposure.  Click on this image to see a full size view.  There are quite a large number of unusual galaxies in the field.

NGC 7013

NGC 7013 is not a particularly unusual galaxy but it does appear to consist of an outer ring and a large core, with little material in between



NGC 2667

NGC 2667 is the S galaxy in this pair of very similar galaxies.  The N galaxy is IC 2411.  No interaction can be seen.


UGC 9632

UGC 9632 is in the field with Arp 136.  This is a 1.5x detail from a 54 minute image.  The primary is full of unusual bar-like arms and starburst regions.