Arp 99 (NGC 7547, 49 & 50)

  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 35.5 minutes

  Arp 99 is in the class Spirals with Elliptical Galaxy Companions on Arms.  Dr. Arp provided some fairly extensive notes on this group, saying "connection not seen, but note difference in arms toward and away from E galaxy.  Note also material between West spiral and E galaxy".  The false color image below shows this material very well.

The spiral at the north end of the field is NGC 7549, the elliptical due south of it is NGC 7550, and the spiral west of the elliptical is NGC 7547.  The elliptical east of NGC 7549, near the east edge of the field, is Hickson 93D.  It is not part of the Arp.

             Atlas Image

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