Arp 94 (NGC 3226 & 27)

  Arp 94 is class Spirals with Elliptical Galaxy Companions on Arms.  The primary  is NGC 3227 and the companion is NGC 3226. There were major artifacts in my earlier images of this object but I got rid of them this time.  Interestingly, Dr. Arp encountered something similar; the Atlas note is "comp. on edge of large, faint loop extending opposite galaxy.  Light line E-W is a plate defect".  The light line on the plate is very close to the brightest streak on my earlier images.  I think we may have both recorded a reflection from Gamma Leo, slightly under 50' away, in line with the bright streak.

The small galaxy near the west edge of the field is NGC3222.  There is an interesting chain of tiny galaxies beginning at the star about 3' S of 3222 -- it's almost touching it -- and then running S and E, finally hooking NE.  The positive image is a hyperlink to a full size image which shows this chain better.  Use the Back button to return to this page. 

Atlas Image



  10-inch Newtonian, SBIG ST2000XM, 40 minutes
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