Arp 78 (NGC 772 & 770)

Arp 78 is the last in the class Spirals with Small HSB Companions on Arms.  The primary is NGC 772 and the brightest galaxy south of the core is NGC 770.  The Atlas notes say that "comp. is NGC 770.  Faint material toward each of two dwarf comps."  I assume that refers to the two small galaxies west of NGC 770.

This image is a composite of a Cookbook image and a SX MX716 image taken over two years apart, 52 minutes with the Cookbook and 23 minutes with the MX716.  Earlier in 2007, Eric Benson, an amateur from Ottawa, Ontario, spotted two stars in this image that were missing from his Oct. 5, 2005 image.  He researched them and determined that they are SN2003hl and SN2003iq, both visible when I took my Oct. 22, 2003 Cookbook image.  They are not visible in my Jan.31, 2006 image but show in the composite.  See the small images below for identification and comparison.  Eric has a very nice site and I suggest you take a look at:          

Atlas Image              

  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716 and Cookbook 245, 75 minutes
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  2003 image with SN marked, 2003hl to the
  ESE of core and 2003iq S of core