Arp 76 (M90; NGC 4569 & IC 3583)

  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 17.5 minutes

  M90 is also NGC 4569; with IC 3583, it makes up Arp 76.  This is yet another of the class Spirals with Small HSB Companions on Arms, but I don't find the companion either particularly small or high in surface brightness.  Arp's Atlas notes state "apparent gap between arm and companion" and that certainly is consistent with my impression.  I can't trace any bridge between the two.

This image was acquired on the night I finished my 338th Arp, being number 336.  It was a terrible night for wind and I was only able to use 17.5 minutes out of 52.5 minutes of total exposure time.

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