Arp 65 (NGC 91 & 93)

  Arp 65 is the pair of large galaxies east of the center of the field.  The unusual face-on spiral is NGC 91 and the spiral further east is NGC 93.  Several more of the small nearby galaxies are included in the Atlas field but there is no indication that they are considered part of the Arp. There are three more NGC galaxies in my field.  The largest member of the group all the way up in the northeast corner is NGC 94, the galaxy overflowing the western edge is NGC 80, and the elliptical near the triangle of bright stars toward the NW corner is NGC 83.

The class is Spirals with Small HSB Companions on Arms, but I'm not sure where the companions are.  The Atlas note says  "comps. lie off projected ends of both spiral arms", so they must be the faint fuzzies about 2.5' NW and SE of the core of NGC 91.

The original Cookbook image which was replaced by this one is available on the Extras page.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 31 minutes
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