Arp 42 (NGC 5829 & IC 4526)

  Arp 42 is yet another Spiral with LSB Companions on Arms.  The Atlas note says "faint bifurcated arm to comp., one faint arm on comp. coiled same direction as parent". 

This field offers some real fun if you enjoy galaxy nomenclature.  We have an NGC (the primary), an IC (the largest companion), and these two, plus three of the small galaxies nearby, form Hickson Galaxy Cluster 73.  Plus, I can see two more tiny galaxies at the end of the arm which swings across the top of NGC 5829, north of the core.  As far as I can determine, these were not included by Hickson as part of the cluster.  And finally, the whole group lies right at the north edge of Abell Galaxy Cluster 2017.  You can pick out lots of tiny galaxies in the southern half of the field.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 42 minutes
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