Arp 40 (IC 4271)

  Arp 40 is the galaxy pair a little southwest of the center of the field.  The companion is a substantial fraction of the size of the primary. It is in the class Spiral with LSB Companions on Arms.  However, the surface brightness of the companion is not substantially less than that of the primary.  The Atlas note says "absorption off edge of small galaxy obscure[s] part of large galaxy.  Possible connection".  That is easy to see in this image.

The small edge-on several minutes northeast of Arp 40 and the three brightest galaxies in the northeast corner are all in the Mitchell Anonymous Catalog.  None of the other tiny ones are listed in any of the common catalogs.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 32 minutes
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