Arp 336 (NGC 2685)

  Arp 336 is in the Unique class.  It is also known as "The Helix".  This, along with Arp 77, is one of my favorite Arps.  It is a polar ring galaxy, and a very tough object to image.  It certainly pushes the limits of my equipment and skill.  I tried at least four times before I got a monochrome image that I considered even marginally acceptable.  This color version has about twice the exposure of my previous monochrome image, and does show a lot more.   However, it really needs three times or more the exposure shown here to do it justice.  The 4x detail image below is the best view.

Click on the color image to the left to see a full resolution image.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, SBIG ST 2000XM, 120:36:40:40 minutes
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