Arp 333 (NGC 1024)

  Arp 333 is the first member of the Unique class.  "Unique" does not mean that these galaxies are any more peculiar than the others in the Atlas; it simply means that Dr. Arp only found, or included, one example of each type in the class.  The Atlas note says "thin circular arms, star in SE superposed on wisp".  Arp 333 is the largest galaxy in the field, NNE of center.  It was the first galaxy I imaged with my StarlightXpress MX716 camera.  However, this is not that image -- it was terrible and I replaced it in January of 2006.

The galaxy E of Arp 333, near the E edge of the field, is NGC 1028 and the edge-on galaxy about 3' S of 1028 is NGC 1029.  The edge-on galaxy near the SW edge of the field is Mitchell Anonymous 0238+1046 and Flat Galaxy Catalog 326, and is in a few other catalogs as well.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 27 minutes
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