Arp 332 (IC 1892 Chain)

  Meade 2045D, StarlightXpress MX716, 61 minutes, 22' x 13.4'

  Arp 332 is the last member of the Galaxy Chains class.  The Atlas note says "different types of galaxies in chain".  The largest galaxy, halfway to the E edge and one-third of the field up from the S edge, is IC 1892.  It is the southernmost galaxy in the chain and has two components, listed as VV 260a and 260b in the Vorontsov-Velyaminov catalog.  The next galaxy, a tiny one about 1' N, is MCG-4-8-29.  Another 1' and 2' N are two even fainter galaxies listed in the APMUKS(BJ) and Mitchell Anonymous catalogs.  2.4' NW from the second of these is a slightly larger galaxy which is NGC1230.  Continuing NW, the next galaxy is NGC 1229; it has a tiny Mitchell Anonymous companion on the SW end.  Due N, just past the star, is NGC 1228.  Finally, the last galaxy in the chain, about 2' N of 1228, is LEDA 807492.  There a quite few more galaxies in the field but I don't think they are considered part of the chain.

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