Arp 323 (NGC 7783 Chain)

  Arp 323 is a member of the class Galaxy Chains.  The tiny galaxy just S of the bright star is MCG+0-60-60.  The largest galaxy, at the NW end of the chain, is NGC 7783.  Moving E and S, the next object is a star and then another galaxy, MCG+0-60-59.  Dropping S, there is another star and then the very small galaxy NGC 7783C.  Finally the tiny and faint galaxy WSW of 7783C is in the Mitchell Anonymous and APMUKS(BJ) catalogs.  All of the galaxies except the last make up Hickson Compact Group 98.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 21 minutes              

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