Arp 322

  Arp 322 is the first member of the class Galaxy Chains.  The large galaxy occupying most of the west half of the field is Arp 214 (NGC 3718) and the galaxy on the upper left is NGC 3729.  Arp 322 consists of the western four galaxies in the chain near the bottom of the field.  The edge-on galaxy on the E end, oriented N-S, is not part of the Arp although it, with the other four, makes up Hickson Compact Group 56.  The three galaxies in the middle are obviously interacting.  The only hint of interaction involving the W galaxy is a slightly higher density of "fuzz" between it and the adjacent galaxy.  This is best seen in the 2X detail image below.  This image actually shows more connection than the Atlas image.

If you would like to see full size color and negative images of the whole field, go to the Arp 214 page. 

Atlas Image   


  10-inch Newtonian, SBIG ST2000XM, 88:24:24:24  
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