Arp 319 (Stephan's Quintet)

  Arp 319 is in the class Galaxy Groups.  This is probably one of the best known Arps, other than the Messier galaxies.  The W galaxy (a compact E type) is NGC 7317.  Moving NE, the close pair consists of NGC 7318A and B.  The next galaxy east, with the long tail, is NGC 7319 and the largest member, south of 7319, is NGC 7320.  The color image shows NGC 7320 to be much bluer than the other members of the group.  This might indicate that it is younger, still in an active period of star formation, and it is the group member with a discordant red shift.  See Kanipe and Webb.  Finally, the small ring galaxy to the east, connected to the others with a nearly invisible streamer, is NGC 7320C.  All of the members except for 7320C are part of Hickson Compact Group 92.

For the color image, I used the monochrome image taken with my MX716 for luminosity and my ST2000XM to collect the RGB images.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, See notes re camera, 50:32:32:32 minutes, 11.1' x 14.7'

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  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 50 minutes