Arp 317 (The Leo Triplet)

Arp 317 is in the class Galaxy Groups.  The Atlas note is "both galaxies on E show signs of interaction".  The SE member of the trio is M66, which is also in the Atlas as Arp 16.  The W galaxy is M65 while the edge-on at the top is NGC 3628.

About half of the luminosity and all of the color was acquired at at a club star party at Fort McKavett, TX, and the rest of the luminosity at the 2009 Texas Star Party. 

This is by far my longest image to date, just short of seven hours total.  My goal, which has not really been met, was to show the long "tail" exiting from the core of NGC 3628 and continuing east (left) beyond the edge of the field.  The tail can be seen in the color image but only the first 15' is easily visible and even this part is very faint and noisy.  It can only be seen well in the heavily overprocessed negative image.

Click on the color image for a full size view, or on the negative image to see a full size negative version with more normal processing.

Atlas Image

  Astro-Tech AT66ED, SBIG ST2000XM, 340:28:24:24 minutes, 63' x 92'  
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