Arp 316 (NGC 3193 Group)

  Arp 316 is in the Galaxy Groups class.  The Atlas note is "edge-on spiral shows signs of interaction".  All three large galaxies make up Arp 316.  Within Arp 316, the integral sign spiral is NGC 3187, the nearly edge-on spiral is NGC 3190, and the E-like galaxy at the NE apex of the triangle is NGC 3193.  The dust lane in NGC 3190 is a strong one.  Both 3190 and 3187 show obvious evidence of interaction.  On close inspection, this image shows a wide band of material connecting 3193 and 3190, and a narrower U-shaped band from the SW end of 3187 to the S side of 3190.

NGC 3185, the spiral in the lower right corner, is not part of the Arp group but is an interesting galaxy.  It has an extremely faint yellowish halo twice the diameter of the bright part of the galaxy. There are many more galaxies in the field.  Four of the more interesting are the clumpy irregular SDSS_J101832.71+215236.4 about 2' SE of 3193, the tiny edge-on 2MASXJ10181187+2151294 between 3193 and 3190, 2MASXJ10174317+2150588 on the SW tip of 3187, and LSBC D500-05 about 20% of the way up from the bottom and just E (left) of center.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, SBIG ST2000XM, 120:30:30:30
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