Arp 314

  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 44 minutes

  Arp 314 is another member of the class Galaxy Groups.  The Atlas note says "faint filament leads SE to faint dwarf".  That is visible in this image.  These are some very complex and distorted galaxies.  The NW member, with the faint sweeping arms, is MCG-1-58-9.  The twisted, knotty spiral in the center is MCG-1-58-10.  The filament sweeps SE and ends at the faint, uncataloged dwarf.  Due S of -10, MCG-1-58-11 looks like a LSB barred spiral with a ring.  Finally, the asymmetrical galaxy (or pair of galaxies) E of -11, near the E edge of the field, is cataloged by APMUKS(BJ) and as Mitchell Anonymous 2258-0348.

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