Arp 303 (IC 563 & 564)

  10-inch Newtonian, SBIG ST2000XM, 14 minutes, 15' x 11'

  Arp 303 is in the class Double Galaxies.  It is the largest pair, toward the E side of the field, slightly above center.  The larger N member is IC 564 and the S member is IC 563.  The compact galaxy near the NW corner is IC 561 and the Low Surface Brightness galaxy near the SW edge of the field is UGC 5224.  There is not a lot of detail visible in my image but not a lot in the Atlas image, either.  This image was taken with the ST2000XM but is shown at the size typical of MX716 images.  I had a problem with my flat and had to crop the image substantially, so I just picked 15' x 11'.

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