Arp 291

  Arp 291 is in the class Double Galaxies with Wind Effects.  The Atlas note says "main body has cylindrical appearance".  Arp 291 is also cataloged as UGC 5832.  Like Arp 289, the double galaxy aspect is not obvious but, in this case, there is a second galaxy in Dr. Arp's field.  The tiny object about 1' NNW of the primary, S of the bright star, is actually a galaxy.  That can be seen in the Atlas image.  However, I have no idea whether this was his basis for putting the object in the Double Galaxy class.

The two galaxies NE of Arp 291 are also very peculiar.  The more southerly appears to be an irregular and is cataloged as CGCG 65-90, while the curved edge-on near the top of the field is in the Flat Galaxy, SDSS, and Mitchell Anonymous catalogs, but neither galaxy appears to have been classified.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 24 minutes
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