Arp 277 (NGC 4809 & 10)

  Arp 277 is in the class Interacting Double Galaxies.  The Atlas note is "resolution of knots".  The knots are very evident in the Atlas image but do not show up well at the much lower resolution of my image.  NGC 4809 is the north galaxy while NGC 4810 is to the south.

Notice the triangle of small galaxies in the NW corner.  All of them are listed in the SDSS and Mitchell Anonymous catalogs.  The one right in the corner is listed at magnitude 17.84.  Also, if you look at the galaxy at the E apex of the triangle and go south just under 1', there is a much tinier one that is listed at 19.3 magnitude and 0.17' x 0.13' -- it's amazing what these CCD's can do!

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 33 minutes
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