Arp 263 (NGC 3239)

  Arp 263 is in the Irregular Clumps class, and the Atlas note says "diffuse outer filaments, bright knots inside".  This is certainly a fascinating object.  Arp 263 is also NGC 3239 but there are a number of other galaxies in the field.  All but one of the prominent ones are in the CGCG.  Starting at the southeast corner, we find CGCG 94-46, then just east of the Arp is 94-42, due north of the Arp is 94-40, about 2' northeast of that is 94-43 and, finally about 3' east, close to the north edge, we see 94-45.  The only significant galaxy not in the CGCG is the one in the center of the north edge -- it's in the 2MASX catalog.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 29 minutes
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