Arp 26 (M101; NGC 5457)

  Meade 2045D, StarlightXpress MX716, 25 minutes, 43' x 32'

  Arp 26 is a well-known Messier object, M101.  It is in Arp's class of Spiral Galaxies with One Heavy Arm.  I have some difficulty deciding which is the heavy arm.  The most striking peculiarity is the bent arm on the East with two almost perfectly straight sections.  Dr. Arp comments on the straight arms in his Atlas notes, saying "note straight arms, bright knot on East appears almost stellar".  While the straight arms are not hard to see in the images above, they show up best in the false color image below.  The images are, of course, all the same, just processed differently.

The image was taken with the Meade 2045D piggybacked on the 10-inch Newtonian.  I used what was nominally a 0.33 focal reducer but the spacing was adjusted to give a reduction to approximately 0.52, providing the 43' x 32' field.  The 25 minute exposure did not really do this object justice and I plan to make a much deeper exposure when I have the chance.

Atlas Image 

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