Arp 25 (NGC 2276)

  This is one of the "twofers" for most imagers.  Arp 25 is the spiral near the bright star. The combination of it and the elliptical toward the southeast corner of the field is Arp 114.  Arp 25 has a separate image in the Atlas and is in the One Heavy Arm Spiral group.  For me, none of the arms in Arp 25 seem significantly heavier than some of the others, in either my image or Dr. Arp's.  The Atlas note was "tubular arm, straight at first, then bent.  Secondary arm from straight portion."  Only Arp 96 is closer to Polaris than this field.

This image is a merger of a 44 minute Cookbook image and a 19 minute SX716 image.  The big blooming spike from the bright star is an artifact which occurs because the Cookbook camera has no anti-blooming gate.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245 and SX MX716, 63 minutes
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