Arp 248 (Wild's Triplet)

  Arp 248 is in the Appearance of Fission class.  The Atlas note is "three spirals connected together".  Moving from southwest to northeast, the galaxies are MCG -1-30-32 through -34.  The tiny fourth galaxy, perpendicular to the bridge between -32 and -33 is in the 2MASX, APMUKS, and MAC catalogs, but I don't think Dr. Arp considered it part of the group.  I'm not sure where the name Wild's Triplet originates.

This image was taken at the 2006 Texas Star Party when my telescope drive was barely working.  I took sixty 30-second unguided exposures and was able to use only 28 of them.

Atlas Image


  Celestron CG9 1/4, StarlightXpress MX716, 14 minutes
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