Arp 247 (IC 2338 & 9)

  Arp 247 is the galaxy pair just southwest of center.  It is in the Appearance of Fission class, and the Atlas note says "spirals have common arms, N spiral arm continues NE".  The common arm is an extremely faint feature on the northwest side, barely detectable in the Atlas image and in the detail image.  The 1.5x detail and false color images are a total of 50 minutes exposure; I did not combine my old image with the new one for the larger presentations because the new image was much sharper.

The southwestern member of Arp 247 is IC 2338 while the northeastern member is IC 2339.  The bright galaxy near the top of the field is IC 2341.  The small edge-on galaxy about 2' southeast of IC 2341 is in the 2MASX and MAC catalogs.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 25 minutes

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