Arp 246 (NGC 7837 & 8)

  Arp 246 is the close pair just to the west (right) of center.  It is in the class Appearance of Fission and the Atlas note says "may not be physically connected".  NED does report very similar redshifts.  The eastern galaxy is NGC 7838 and the western is NGC 7837.  There is some strong absorption on the south side of the NGC 7838 core, which can be seen in the Atlas image but not in mine.

This pair is almost exactly on the 0 hour line, and NGC 7838 is the last galaxy in the NGC.  We find NGC 3 near the star in the southeast corner and NGC 4 toward the eastern edge while NGC 7834 is west of Arp 246, near the star, and NGC 7835 is near the top of the field.  The only bright galaxy that is not in the NGC is PGC 1345780, a little less than 5' ENE of Arp 246.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 32 minutes
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