Arp 245 (NGC 2992 & 3)

  Arp 245 is in the class Appearance of Fission.  The Atlas note says "very faint diffuse connection from both ends of N spiral to S spiral".  The bridge between the two is obvious in my image and does appear to come from both ends of the N spiral.   The long, narrow northern member is NGC 2992 and the spiral to the south is NGC 2993.  The very skinny galaxy about 3' southwest of NGC 2993 is FGC 938.  FGC stands for Flat Galaxy Catalog, and this one is flat.  According to NED, the length is over eleven times the width.  One of the references develops a case for it being involved in the Arp 245 interaction.

Atlas Image

  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 28 minutes
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