Arp 236 (IC 1622 & 3)

  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 66 minutes, 11.6' x 10.9'

  Arp 236 is in the Appearance of Fission class, and the Atlas note is "faint outer arm curves around through 270 degrees".  That can be seen with difficulty in the positive, better in the negative, and best in the 2X false color image.  The IC classifies the primary (almost at the center of the field) as two galaxies, 1623A and B, and it could easily be two.  The galaxy about 3' southwest is IC 1622.  There are a lot of galaxies in this field.  The galaxy near the top of the field, just east of center, appears to be a merging pair or a galaxy with a strong absorption band across the center. 

The image is a combination of two images made two years apart.  The earlier image was oriented N-S while the more recent one was oriented E-W.  The overlapping field was only 11.6' x 10.9'.

Atlas Image

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