Arp 225 (NGC 2655)

  Arp 225 is in the class Amorphous Spiral Arms.  The Atlas note is "very faint diffuse outer arms, absorption one side of nucleus".  The absorption does not show up in my image, but it does show a large loop on the northeast side and a very diffuse, low surface brightness companion about 5' northwest of the core.  Also, a tiny background galaxy can be seen through Arp 225, about 1.5' north of the core.  The LSB companion was apparently first noticed in 1998 and cataloged as [HS98]084, but it shows up quite well on DSS images from 1994.  Both these features show up best in the false color image. 

The glow in the southeast corner is from a 7th magnitude star just outside the field.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, Cookbook 245,  32 minutes

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