Arp 219

  Arp 219 is the galaxy just below the center of the field, and is in the class Adjacent Loops.  The Atlas note says "faint arc and filament on N side".  The primary galaxy making up Arp 219 is cataloged as UGC 2812; the other member just SSE of the primary is MAC 0339-0207.  The galaxy northeast of Arp 219 is UGC 2814, while the tiny galaxy near the northwest edge of the field is MAC 0339-0201.

The faint arc and filament mentioned in the Atlas note can be seen in all the images but the 1.5x high contrast detail image shows it extending and opening up into a fan far beyond what can be seen in the Atlas image.  Also, there appears to be a jet pointing W from the primary bar of the galaxy but I'd like a confirming image to be sure it is not just an artifact.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 70 minutes, 10.6' x 13.8'  
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