Arp 213 (IC 356)

  Arp 213 is in the class Irregularities, Absorption, and Resolution.  The Atlas note says "faint straight absorption lanes lead toward nucleus, become triple".  They are not very easy to see in this image and only a bit easier in the Atlas image.  The lane referenced in the note is almost certainly the one leaving the core and cutting across the spiral arms at roughly a position angle of 330 degrees (NNW).  This is, for me, an extremely beautiful galaxy and one of my best images.

The little edge-on galaxy about 4.5' northeast of the Arp 213 core is in the 2MASX catalog and also has a Mitchell Anonymous designation, 0408+6950.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 56 minutes
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