Arp 200 (NGC 1134)

  Arp 200 is the largest galaxy in the field, a little south and east of center.  It is a member of the class Material Ejected from Nuclei.  The Atlas note says "splash appearance on W side of galaxy points to low S.B. comp. 7' S'."  The note is in error, however, because north was incorrectly identified on the Atlas image and it should say "7' W".  The LSB companion is UGC 2362, about halfway to the west side of the field.  UGC 2362 is outside of the Atlas field, but is a very peculiar galaxy.

The false color image shows the "splash" mentioned in the Atlas note.  Even with a  56 minute image, it is barely above the noise level.  If it wasn't also visible in the Atlas image, I probably would not accept it as real.  I fooled myself earlier on a previous image of this Arp.  The 4x detail from that image shows the star at the end of the line of stars running NE from UGC 2362.  I was convinced that I had discovered a planetary in the making -- what I had really discovered was the danger of too much sharpening.  In this replacement image, the star is completely normal.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 56 minutes
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