Arp 193 (IC 883)

  Celestron CG9 1/4, StarlightXpress MX716, 30 minutes

  Arp 193 is the last member of the class Narrow Filaments.  Dr. Arp's Atlas note is "faint straight outer spikes, hard knots in main body".  This object reminds me of a high-speed photograph of a flying bat.  Note the chain of seven small galaxies just north of the Arp, running almost across the entire field.  These are all in the Mitchell Anonymous catalog, as are several more of the small galaxies in the field.  It does not appear to be formally recognized as a galaxy cluster but there is one reference to it as a cluster in a 2002 Astronomical Journal article by Miller, Ledlow, Owen, and Hill.  This is another image from the 2004 Texas Star Party.

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